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Themba introduces new inspirational programme for learners





Growing Christian Leaders for Africa

Dirkiesdorp January 30, 2011


 “Growing Christian Leaders for Africa” is the new vision of Themba Trust. In order to achieve this goal, a new programme has been introduced to help Themba learners develop their full potential.


Personal Leadership Development Training for all Grades registered at Sinethemba Secondary School in 2011


When school started for the new year 2011, each grade of learners was invited to take part in a 2-day workshop on Personal Leadership Development, led by Themba Trust Chief Executive Officer, Reinhild Niebuhr. "In order to become a great leader, the first person you need to learn to lead is yourself," explains Mrs Niebuhr. Using learning materials developed for the 'Youth Leadership & Entrepreneurship Programme' (LEAP) of the Themba Trust, the CEO took time to explain to each learner what it takes to manage yourself.


Photo: The Mandala Model for personal leadership shows how to strive towards 'perfection in eternity'. The circle symbolizes 'eternity' and the equal-sided cross inside the circle is a symbol of 'perfection'. The bottom of the circle represents our BODY, and points to our feet. This includes our health, our family, our culture and our environment. The top of the circle represents our SPIRIT, and this is represented by our head. This points to the fact that we need a spiritual connection to God, through His son Jesus Christ. The spirit also refers to motivation, leadership and vision for our lives. The right hand side of the circle indicates our MIND: our right hand is the symbol for our creativity, our career, the way in which we earn our living and all financial matters in life. Finally, the left hand side of the circle reminds us of our EMOTIONS: the left hand is closest to our hearts! The emotional side of life includes all relationships, including our social commitments and communities. As human beings, we need to always strive to bring these four elements of our being into balance: SPIRIT, MIND, BODY & EMOTION. The secret 'weapon' that we have to achieve this goal is Jesus Christ - the symbol of the cross at the centre of our lives.






Photo: The Grade 8 Class at Sinethemba for 2011 was introduced to the rest of the school through a 'Grade 8 Welcoming Concert' on Saturday, 22 January 2011. This was the first in a series of weekend events and activities that are aimed at developing the talents and potential of each learner at the Themba Residential Education Centre throughout the year.




  • The new integrated school- and hostel programme at the Themba Residential Education Centre means that learners have a full-day programme starting when they get up in the morning, until they go to sleep at night, including weekends.
  • The normal school programme starts at 07:15 on weekdays until 13:55, but after lunch at 14:55 all learners go back into their classrooms for the extra-mural programme in the afternoons.
  • On weekends, learners have more time for themselves, but each weekend a special event or activity is planned, in order to help each teenager develop his or her full potential and grow mentally, spiritually, a healthy body and develop excellent relationships with other learners, as well as staff and educators within the Themba Residential Education Centre system.
  • While the main focus is on academics, and all learners at Sinethemba have been challenged to aim for distinctions in all subjects, the approach of the Themba Residential Education Centre is to develop all teenagers in its care in a holistic manner.
  • All weekend activities are organized by learners themselves, supported by the new Themba Education Team. In this way learners learn to organize events, while developing self-confidence and organizational ability, which will serve them well whereever they are going to be later in life.
  • The extra-mural activities are coordinated through six committees, that together make up the 'Learner Parliament System'. The committees are dealing with the following themes: 

          - Academic Development

          - Leadership Development

          - Communication & Entertainment

          - Arts & Culture

          - Health, wellness & sport

          - Infrastructure Development







Photo: To help motivate Themba students, the Themba Trust invited Alexander Johannes, the Top Matric Student of Gauteng in 2010, and coincidentally the grandson of Themba founder, to address all students in January 2011. Here is Alexander (left) with former Themba student and current Unit Manager: Education, Zandile Nkumane, in the Sinethemba School Hall.



Especially for parents and guardians:

Download the 2011 Themba Residential Education Centre Programme by clicking here.




Interested parents or guardians who want to register their child at the Themba Residential Education Centre are welcome to email the Themba Trust's Chief Executive Officer,

Reinhild Niebuhr, at  

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